Xoom offers 11 Megabytes of space along with free e-mail. They will help you write your page and provide some images for you to use.

Free Yellow
Get all this FREE!
WebSite - Includes 12 Megs of Disk Space. Update Anytime
WebSite Wizard - The Best WebSite Builder On The Internet
WebSite Manager - Helps You Manage All Your WebSite Files
Graphics Library - Add Awesome Animated Images To Your WebSite
Web Site Counter - Tracks Your WebSite Visitors
Email Order Forms - Simple Copy And Paste Order Forms
Email-On-Demand - Autoresponds Your Info Via Email
File Uploading - Upload Your Favorite Images And Files
Tech Support - Advanced Automated Email Tech Support

In Geocities own words..... "You get a free webpage with 11 megabytes of space, subdirectories to help you organize your files, a full set of tools, technical support and the finest sense of community in cyberspace."

Angelfire doesn't give you a whole lot of space, (about 5 megs) but they do have an Image Library and Sound Library. They have HTML Basics for you to refer to and help is available in designing you page.

Three MB homepage with a Homepage Creator you can use to create your page with no HTML knowledge. (Their claim not mine.) They offer over 50 free graphical counters, free virtual greeting cards, a children's area, and no porn is allowed.

Fortune City
Fortune City offers the largest pages. You will have to put up with banners on your pages instead of pop-up windows. Homepage Builder is available to you if you choose to use it.