What does it take to be an alcoholic?
That is easy.

  • A fairly rebellious nature.

  • An incredibly low self-esteem.

  • Selfishness beyond imagination.

Add a little (or a bunch) of booze and, Presto! Instant alcoholic.

You could substitute almost any word for 'booze' and still have major problems. It is in our nature. Whether we have inherited it or it is caused by negative influences in our young lives or just because we like to drink, the results are the same: We are alcoholics who cannot manage our lives.

Many people have the mistaken impression that an alcoholic is an old man, empty bottle in hand, wearing rags and standing on the street corner. Not so. Nor is alcoholism restricted to those who have made the bar their second home. Alcoholism can be found in the deacon's home where a supply of wine is hidden away from prying eyes to take care of 'those awful female cramps'. It can be found in the home of your best friend who won't invite you to her house because her father is always 'ill'. It runs rampant in school systems as one teen after another succumbs to peer pressure.

It is a disease you see everywhere you look, in some form or fashion, but out of ignorance or foolish pride, it is not acknowledged.

The hardest thing for an alcoholic to say is, "I have a problem." Once we actually say the words, what do we do? Our lives are in total ruin. Our self-esteem is non-existant. We have no strength left to be there for the ones we love. Why go on? Why try?


Do you understand that concept?

You are NOT alone.

Millions like you have gone through it and recovered. Do they live normal lives? Probably not to the extent that a non-alcoholic would: They actually live better lives because they have been to Hell and survived it.

It does not matter if you are 13 with a history of drinking or drugging to escape abuse. It does not matter if you are a Mother of four who attends church 3 times a week but can't seem to wake up or go to sleep without help from a bottle. It does not matter if you are a Doctor, Lawyer or, Politician. If you are old, young, married, single, gay or straight. There is someone somewhere who can relate.

AA offers a hand to all those still suffering. We were once in your shoes. Our door is always open and you will never be turned away.

Don't give up yet. Help is here for the asking.

Here are links for you to explore and learn more about the disease of Alcoholism.

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
Are you an Alcoholic? Is AA for you? Here you will find the answers to these questions and more.
Rudy's Home Page
Very thought provoking site. Very inspiritional, also. I was deeply moved by Rudy's honesty and amazing courage. A must see site
Big Book
A wonderful place to find text from the Big Book.
Nugget has tons of information available. His faith is obvious in these pages.
Al-anon and Al-ateen
Contains information on these groups.
Recovery Rest Stop
Created by Dennis O. this site has many useful links to AA and recovery related sites. I really enjoy Dennis' obvious strength.
Hope and Healing Web Chronicles
"When hope remembers, the heart heals."
A site to post questions or comments about alcohol and drugs.
Spirit of Freedom Ministries
Non-profit Evangalistic Christian organization dedicated to reaching drug and alcohol abusers and their families.
Spiritual, inspirational, hard-to-take, humorous, and TRUE one-liners that, in my opinion, are keepers.
Humor Anonymous
Here is another site to give you the giggles. :)

I will keep adding links as I find them: This is very important stuff to me, so check back often.

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