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  1. Web page building stuff.
    Including links to graphic, midi, and tutorial sites.
  • Info on Alcoholism, Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder.
    1. Here is my personal story .
    2. And for more information on the topic of Alcoholism, please visit my Alcoholism and AA page. It has several links to informative sites.
    3. Links to more info on Borderline Personality Disorder and Major Depression (This is still only in my head so far. NO PUN INTENDED :)).
    4. Links to on line support groups for AA, BPD, and Depression.
  • Misc and Coming Attractions
    1. Fantasy links.
    2. Some of my poetry .
    3. My Slideshow . (Very interrresting stuff, peoples: Don't miss out!)
    4. Sounds and pics for you to DL.

    On this page you will find several links to various sites. You really never know what I could have here until you look because my interests are quite numerous..........okay, ODD! :)

    I do hope you find something worth while on your visit here. Come back soon because, knowing me, I will be making plenty of changes and adding even more links.

    Enjoy yourself!

    If you must, you can skip the really GOOD part and go directly to my links. But, I'm warning ya, you'll be missing out!!


    Why did I create this site?
    Why does anybody create a site? C'mon, c'mon, you know the answer if you think about it.....

    THAT'S RIGHT!!!!!

    Because they want to!

    Okay, well maybe that's not the only reason, but it works for me and I have a funny feeling it works for many others also.

    Seriously, though, (sorta) I have done so much surfing and saw tremendous amounts of material that it had to happen: After the 1,000th page or so a light bulb went off in my head. (Yeah, that's a personal problem of mine.)
    Why don't I make a page???

    Can I do that?
    What will I put on it?

    After a long conversation with myself--a common occurence--I had another brilliant idea: Go BACK through those 1,000 and some odd pages and get a feel for what a site looked like.
    (That time I think the lightbulb was burnt out.)

    So, I wasted a disgustingly large amount of time on a search for ideas, picked a place and started building only to find out that I should have spent those hours creating because I had no more of an idea of what I wanted than before I started that journey!
    Oh well. Live and learn.

    Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking right now. "This lady has got to be nuts."(Got that part right.)
    "She doesn't have a clue what she's talking about!"
    (I do. REALLY!! I do!)
    I'll admit it, I had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted. I want to give YOU (yeah, you!) some very interesting things to learn about, play with, watch and listen to.

    I also truly wish to share. There are two reasons for that. One, I might be able to touch someone's life and two, people who know me, both in person and on the net, can come here and look to see what secrets I've hidden from them.

    I am a grateful, recovering alcoholic. I emphasize grateful because if it wasn't for my alcoholism, I wouldn't know what I know.

    I also suffer from Major Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) to an extent.

    I have found that in the field of psychology and among fellow alcoholics that these disesases and all behaviors associated with them, are familiar disorders. Not so in society. I myself had not heard of BPD until my shrink (Hello, Dr. R!!) mentioned it to me.

    I don't blame the people for not knowing, but it is rather funny to have people look at you strangely and then ask a dumb question. I always expect them to say something like "Uh, do you, like, have seizures or something with that??" But what is really irritating is the people who think they know all about it but can't tell me how they learned about it. They always have suggestions for dealing with it. My favorite is "Snap out of it." Oookaaay. I'll try that. :)

    While you wait for me to finish the pages on BPD and Depression remember that my 'door' is always open. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions whatsoever on these subjects or any other. I'm a great listener!

    I truly love to write and will respond to whoever decides to drop me a line. I enjoy correspondance on just about any subject. If you like to exchange e-mail as much I do, then go for it!!! I look forward to hearing from everybody!