WebTV Links

Annie's Treasure Box
Annie's Treasure Box is, in my opinion, a true treasure for the WebTV user. I wish I had found it when I was using WebTV. She is very talented and quite the generous lady. You'll enjoy a visit there.
The Source
At The Source many things are available to the WebTV user. Here is a small list of some of them:
  • You can view the source-code of a page.
  • An image URL extractor.
  • You can find out the dimensions of an image.
  • An HTML test bed that will also test JavaScripts
  • Much, much more. The is a must-see site for WebTV users.
This link will take you to a page describing The Source. I wasn't sure if I should send you directly to The Source or not, but I chose to send you to info on it. There is a link on that page to The Source.
Transloader FAQ
To keep from using bandwidth by linking to others' graphics, there are ways to copy an image from one source to your directory. This FAQ helps you understand how to use the transloader and has a link to the transloader.
WebUP is also a transloader but it requires a subscription. I used it when I had WebTV and loved it.