The Color of You

Green is the color of growing--
Not the envy of lore.
It represents the seeds we are sowing:
The perfection we strive for.

Blue is the color of quiet peace--
Not the moodiness they say.
It represents turmoil that has ceased:
The contentment of each new day.

Purple is the color of the deep--
Not that of lofty royalty.
It represents hidden dreams we keep:
The agelessness of our loyalty.

White is the color of our fears--
Not a pureness of heart.
It represents te loss of all held dear:
The fear of being torn apart.

Black is the color of silk on the skin--
Not a cover for endless wrongs.
It represents the sensualit that is and has been:
The darkness to which we all belong.

Red is the color of lust and heat--
Not that of blood and fear.
It represents the desires of two bodies to meet:
The passion always near.

In you these meld to create a color unique--
Not a cliche that's new.
It represents no emotion that is mild and meek:
It is Love: The color of you.

Written by Rachelle Hanson, Copyright June 10, 1997. No reproduction of any kind without author's written permission.