My Heart In Your Hand

My disguise was hateur and rage; My defense, words that were daggers of ice. My hiding place was a Hell I made, and my weapons, the knowledge of pain's price.

You saw through the shroud I wore and penetrated the walls I had erected. You dared to enter my terror-filled lair and disarmed me with the risk of being rejected.

Everything I am has become known; All that I hid is to your eyes laid bare. You see the scars of anger and bitterness--and look beyond to what is truly there.

You have made a mockery of the vows I made in the aftermath of other's many lies. I swore never to give my heart again: Never to believe in love's deceiving disguise.

Yet here you are so sweet as you wait, and despite my fear, here I still stand. You, my love, know you have succeeded, and here is my heart placed in your hand.

Written by Rachelle Hanson, © June 16, 1997. No reproduction of any kind without author's written permission.

Border courtesy of ©Gibson Grafx