How strong is your love?

Strong enough to follow my moods wherever they may go?
Strong enough to cross my soul's rampaging flow?

How deep is your desire?

Deep enough to travel through the storms of my mind?
Deep enough to stand beside me and not fall behind?

How pure is your need?

Pure enough to withstand the fire of my confusions?
Pure enough to help me banish my illusions?

How strong is your fear?

So strong that you'll let me walk away from you?
So strong you can't fight for what you feel is true?

How deep runs your pride?

So deep you must keep your love in your cell?
So deep you will never allow your heart to be well?

How pure is your indifference?

Will you turn your head when thoughts of me pass by?
Will you keep walking when you know you could fly?

My love, make a choice......
How strong?
How deep?
How pure?

Written by Rachelle Hanson, Copyright April 7, 1998. No reproduction without author's written permission.