The Color of Darkness

Picture a light suspended in the air.
Gaze into its brightness if you dare.
Do you see a picture hidden in there?
Maybe one of a landscape so fair?
Do you become as a moth, captured by its glare?
This is when I say: You must beware.
For beyond the dazzle, as you stare,
You will find the Color of Darkness has its lair.

The light is simply a picture of me.
Glitter and gold are what I try to make you see.
But dazzle is not all it seems to be.
Behind the light is my heart's reality.
There I entice you to visit my insanity.
Where a candle is the soul's enemy.
And the Color of Darkness honors no plea.

A terror or a refuge? To me they are the same.
It is where my sanity plays a deadly game.
Yet, also where my agonies are made tame.
My handicap yet, I am not lame.
For from here, all my dreams came.
Paint them on a canvas and hang them in a frame.
Call them love and what you will find is my fame.
Do you see yet? The Color of Darkness is my name.

Written by Rachelle Hanson, Copright June 9, 1997. No reproduction of any kind without author's written permission.